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Lulu Lightning

is a Czech born artist living in Amsterdam.

Purpouse of her life is


Her tools is LIGHTNING ART !!!


her's saying is:

" F O L L O W y o u r L I G H T "



ps. LULU LIGHTNING's ART IS CALLED " INCIDENTAL NAIVE ART " as she call it her self.. ;-) more about INCIDNETAL NAIVE ART here.


ABOUT Lulu Lightning

It was difficult for me to write something about my-self by my-self, so I've asked my dear friends...Thank you very much for your warm hearts and kindness...YOU all ROCK!:) Lulu


Névine Salvadé

Lulu; what can I say, a ray of sun, a ball of light and energy, a warm soul who is adventurous and full of open hearted imagination. You inspire people to push forward, to let their guard down and put a smile on their face. You inspire courage and resolution to never give up, and your energy is contagious. It was a pleasure meeting you. Through your art you will touch people's hearts and souls.
All the best of luck, love and light on your journey

Névine Salvadé the writter of C OM PASSION


Gary Goldschneider

Lulu Lightning is a true artist, not only because she has the courage to reveal her own inner world in a highly unique form but because she lives like one also – on the edge, yet very much in contact with the world around her. Accused occasionally of being an alien, Lulu has in fact dropped in on us humans from some outer galaxy to make us smile, laugh and bring enjoyment to our lives. Her work embodies the light, uninhibited joy we all seek in our most childlike self and shamelessly proclaims her positive philosophical spirit to humanity.

Gary Goldschneider - books



Alina Cosmoiu

"Once a dear friend of mine told me Lulu is living in a gloomy apartment, with dark walls and poor light. I told him not to worry, knowing Lulu, she would just draw two angels and a ladybird on the walls and turn it into a fairy-tale little house. Yes, this is Lulu - the Artist that makes Art smile to us!"

Alina Cosmoiu ATP TV


Berthe Meijer

Lulu Lightning is a multitalented person. Her art works  show her sunny character and uncanny sense of humor. Her fantasyworld is a rich one in which one can linger and get happy.

Berthe Meijer, author


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